The report of 30th JAIT – 次世代BIツール(Tableau)の紹介&ビジネス、起業で必ず付いてくる税務会計、コンプライアンス by EzyTax

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Thank you for coming to the 30th JAIT meeting – 次世代BIツール(Tableau)の紹介&ビジネス、起業で必ず付いてくる税務会計、コンプライアンス by EzyTax.
We had 24 attendees and it was an excellent night. We had 2 great speakers, Junya-san from Tableau and Shohei-san from Ezy Tax Solutions. 
Thanks Haymarket HQ for letting us to use a great space too.

If you would like to try Tableau please get trial version in here.

Once again, we thank you all for coming and we look forward to seeing you at next JAIT event.

List of people who came

Developer/Engineer 7名
Designer&UI/UX/Graphics 2名
Marketing 3名
Accounting/Finance 4名
Consulting 2名
Network Engineer 1名
Business 2名
Support 2名
Student 1名
Etc 2名
All 24名

More photos are here in Facebook page or Meetup.

If you have any questions or request please contact to us 🙂

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