Postponed this event – 7th(59th) – Networking Drinks night in Melbourne @ DR. WATSON’S BAR

Feel free to call us    +6143 9999 650     [email protected]

Sorry, we postponed this event around August due to COVID-19.
We will update once we have more detail.

Thank you for supporting the JAIT Group.

The 7th(59th) meeting will be a networking night. We look forward to meeting Melbourne people 🙂

Please bring your business card or LinkedIn account and let’s meet and exchange idea and information.
We look forward to meeting you!!!




Time:6:30PM 05/07/2021 (Mon)
417 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Needs:Business Card or Linkedin Account

About organizers

William Lim
William Lim currently instructs UX (User experience) and software engineering courses in RMIT as a hobby, while running an IT consultancy and projects. He believes most user frustrations inherent in most software can be avoided with proper design thinking, and that understanding user behavior goes beyond statistics and surveys.
His passion is in pulling in technology to augment proper understanding of different cultures. He also have a very high interest in aviation.


Chikanobu Takeya
Experienced IT consulting in Japan at System Integration company and global consulting firm.
The main area was business/IT transformation, such as global supply chain transformation in high-tech or manufacturing industry.
After moving into Australia in 2015, Takeya conducts IT manager role in the company in Sydney and Melbourne.
With the main theme of “Digital transformation” and “How to accelerate the business with the technology”, Takeya organizes several projects.
Having many project management certificates, such as ITIL, Prince2, and PMP (Project Management Professional), and Master degree in Management & Information Science.


Yoshiki Yamaguchi
Yoshiki Yamaguchi has been working 20 years of experience in the travel industry. Established private travel agency here in Melbourne in 2015 after Japanese leading travel agency experience. On the other hand, exert the business achieve the target for both Sazae and Clients.

I would like to support your plan, relaunch, recovery will begin with market research with IT vision providing a clear picture of what your customers are thinking, behaving & priority.

Commit to rebuilding any business, any industry. We’ll always “with you” and “for you” to help you navigate to a new door open.


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