The report of 23rd JAIT meeting about JETRO in ToraTora

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Thank you for coming to 23rd JAIT meeting also thank to Minako Kawasaki from JETRO. It was a great presentation. We had 42 people came this event.

Here is a link of her presentation.

Our next event will be in maybe April or May. We have not found a presenter yet. If you know any a good presenter for JAIT night or you would like to talk about IT, marketing, your product and any topics please contact us.

Thank you for coming and we look forwarding to seeing you at next JAIT event.

List of people who came

Developer/Engineer 6名
Designer&UI/UX/Graphics 2名
Marketing 6名
Project Manager 1名
Accounting/Finance 2名
DB engineer 2名
Consulting 4名
Network Engineer 2名
Student 1名
Business 6名
Etc 6名
All 42名

More photos are here in Facebook page.

If you have any questions or request please contact to us 🙂

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