The 29th JAIT – オーストラリアでの仕事の探し方 by Advantage Professional & Atlassianの紹介 from Japanese Office

Feel free to call us    +6143 9999 650     [email protected]

Thank you for supporting JAIT Group.

Thanks Atlassian & Mike He-san, they will provide foods/drinks for this event.
Our first speaker will be from Atlassian Japan about アトラシアン製品を使ってアイデアをビジネス変える
Turning your idea into business with Atlassian by Naho Inuyama.
After that we have a speaker 原 万理(Mari Hara) form Advantage Professional.
She will talk about how can find a job in Australia by Japanese.

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About Advantage Professional

原 万理(Mari Hara)
Advantage Professionalはシドニーを拠点にオーストラリア全土で人材紹介・人材派遣を行っているRecruitment Agencyです。2012年にリクルートの子会社となり、リクルートが人材ビジネスで培ってきたノウハウ生かし、財務、経理、総務、人事、営業、技術職、IT、アドミニストレーションスタッフといった幅広い分野で企業のニーズに適合した人材紹介を行っております。

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原 万理(Mari Hara)
原 万理(Mari Hara)
シドニーを拠点に全豪にて人材紹介を行っているAdvantage Professional Pty Ltdにて2013年よりコンサルタントとして勤務。

Contact to her:Linkedin

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About Atlassian

Most famous Start up Company in Australia. Atlassian is an enterprise software company that develops products for software developers, project managers, and content management.
Atlassian is helping lots Start up/technology community in Australia.

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犬山奈穂(Naho Inuyama)
犬山奈穂(Naho Inuyama)
Naho is currently working at Atlassian Japan as a marketing specialist. She has studied Computer Networking and worked at a cloud computing company as an engineer in Silicon Valley before Atlassian.
サンフランシスコで、米企業でエンジニアとして勤務の後、2014 年 8 月にアトラシアン株式会社に入社。現在は、マーケティングやコミュニティ活動を中心に担当。

Contact to her:Linkedin / Facebook / Twitter

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6:00pm – Networking starts
6:30pm – アトラシアン製品を使ってアイデアをビジネス変える:Turning your idea into business with Atlassian(30-45mins:Naho Atlassian Japan)
7:30pm – Presentation from 原さん(30~45mins:原さん)
8:10-30pm Questions(15~20mins)
8:30- 9pm – Networking.

After that we move to Traders Bar At Occidental Hotel first basement and drinks and networkings.
If you will be late, please contact Ayumi by mobile or any message chats we will pick up you.


Time:6:00PM 25/08/2016 (Thu)
Place:Atlassian Office
Address: Lv6 – 341 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Needs:Business Card or Linkedin Account

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