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Our next meeting will be the networking event with BIJ(Business in Japan).

This event will be in Tokyo

79th BIJ&JAIT Collaborate event 共同開催 イベント- 2023 End of Business Year Celebration in Tokyo

This time’s event is jointly organised with the BIJ.

Business in Japan (BIJ) and Japan Australia IT (JAIT) invite you to join our End of Business Year Celebration to be held at ‘SPACES Shinagawa’. Literally turn right out of the Konan Exit of Shinagawa and it is on the 7th Floor of the same building STRINGS Hotel is in (Shinagawa East One Tower).

This event is for individuals who are interested in Japan, whether it be working, running a business, starting a side gig, or entering the market in Japan.

It is open to GoodPeople from around the world who want to connect with others in the Business In Japan 🇯🇵 (BIJ) community… and happen to be in Tokyo on this evening!

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Time : PM 07/12/2023 (Thurday)
6:45pm to 9:00pm (Pizza’ll be there from 7pm-ish, so arrive around then not to miss out!)
ADDRESS: 〒108-0075 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, 2-16-1, Kounan, Shinagawa East One Tower 7F
GoogleMap Link:

FOOD & DRINK: all inclusive of some of the best Pizza in Tokyo, varieties of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink!
PRICE: JPY2,500 /per person

About BIJ(Business in Japan)

Business In Japan grew from and supports a LinkedIn group of the same name that was founded in February 2008. Currently, we are approaching 84,000 ‘BIJ’ members, 35% of them Japan-based. If you have an interest in Japan and business you’re in the right place. This website aims to provide increasing value to people like yourself and we welcome your ideas as well as your involvement.

If you’re not yet a member of Business In Japan on LinkedIn you can join here:
Business In Japan on LinkedIn

Contact:HP / Linkedin

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About organizers

Jason Ball – Founder of Busines in Japan / Global Incident Management & Communications at LivePerson

Jason Ball is an IT consultant and project manager with over 18 years of experience working with companies in Japan.

As the founder of, a 15 year old online community with 80,000 members. Jason has helped countless people with professional opportunities in Japan through his networking and connections.

Renowned for his talent in making meaningful connections, through a partner network helps provide business consulting services and assists others interested in working in the Japanese market.




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Oguzhan Karagözoglu – Communications Specialist

Meet our co-organizer Oguzhan, a Turkish native born and raised in Zurich, Seitzerland. Having previously held roles as Head of Communications and Branding, as well as IT Consultant in Zurich, he now relocated to Tokyo as freelance Communications Specialist with his small agency


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William Lim

William Lim currently instructs UX (User experience) and software engineering courses in RMIT as a hobby, while running an IT consultancy and projects. He believes most user frustrations inherent in most software can be avoided with proper design thinking, and that understanding user behavior goes beyond statistics and surveys.
His passion is in pulling in technology to augment proper understanding of different cultures. He also have a very high interest in aviation.
William LimはITコンサルティング会社経営及びプロジェクト運営を本業として行い、副業として王立メルボルン工科大学(RMIT) においてUX (User experience) 及び Engineeringコースの教鞭を執っている。彼の信念は「適切なデザイン設計及び統計データを超えたより深いユーザー理解」こそが、大部分のユーザーが感じているSoftwareに対する「使いづらい」「見にくい」等のフラストレーション回避の為の重要な要になるという事である。また、彼の情熱は国籍や年齢だけに捉われない広義の文化 の違いに対する適切な理解及び議論にあり、それがテクノロジー業界を牽引していく布石になると考えている。趣味は航空業界、特に飛行機。
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Tohru Midorikawa

Tohru has built own company for system development support, after 4 fields experienced(realestate,web development,translation service and system development).
he is in charge of sales and he makes good relationshp between clients and his business partners, such as Sazae.

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