The report of 21th JAIT Meeting in The Belvedere Hotel

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We had the 21th JAIT meeting in the Belvedere Hotel on 24/09/2015.
41 members came to the event. Thank you for coming to our event!! We had a great time.

List of members

Consulting/Architect 4名
Developer/Engineer 8名
Designer&UI/UX 5名
Marketing 5名
Sales 2名
Teacher 1名
Accounting 1名
Project Manager 5名
Network Engineer 2名
Supports/QA 3名
Etc 4名

This is the third time since we made a meetup page so this time we had several non-Japanese speakers.
Also I gave an early notification this time so more people could come this time so I should set the date more then 3 weeks out from now on.
I look forward to meeting more & more new members.

Photos from here

Facebook event page

If you have any questions or request please contact to us 🙂

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