The report of 24th JAIT meeting with Mr Aoyam from kintone(cybozu)

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Thank you for coming to 24th JAIT meeting also thank to Mr Aoyoma from kintone(Cybozu). It was a great presentation. 37 people came to the night.
We had several questions from guests and Mr Aoyoma gave us lots of kintone sitckers and notes and more. After we finished the presentation we moved to a pub and then we had a great networking night til almost mid-night.

Here is a slide Mr Aoyama used.

Here is comment from Mr Aoyama.

Thank you for all attendees to the first kintone seminar at Sydney and also Mizoshiri-san for organizing this event.
Please feel free to try or for 30-day free trial, and let me know any questions you may have:)
Japanese Developer Network:
English Developer Network:
kintone Café Community
kintone Application Study Group

About Next meeting

Our next event will be in maybe April or May. We have not found a presenter yet. If you know any a good presenter for JAIT night or you would like to talk about IT, marketing, your product and any topics please contact us.

Thank you for coming and we look forwarding to seeing you at next JAIT event.

List of people who came

Developer/Engineer 6名
Designer&UI/UX/Graphics 2名
Marketing 6名
Project Manager 1名
Accounting/Finance 2名
DB engineer 2名
Consulting 4名
Network Engineer 2名
Student 1名
Business 6名
Etc 5名
All 37名

More photos are here in Facebook or Meetup.

If you have any questions or request please contact to us 🙂

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